Project Management

Gary Naftel BSc(Hons) MCIArb MRICS

Project Management

Every building project needs careful, skilled management in order to avoid overspend, delays, mistakes and unnecessary stress. This takes a huge amount of commitment in terms of time, which cannot be underestimated.

At Naftel Associates we have extensive experience in managing a wide variety of projects and in bringing them to completion on time and on budget, whether it is a multi-million pound commercial development or a small residential alteration.

Working to given timelines and budget we will:
•   Manage the tender process
•   Manage contractor appointment
•   Liaise with suppliers
•   Oversee contractors on site
•   Monitor and check work completed

Whilst managing the project, regular site visits by our surveyor will keep the builder on track and maintain quality control to avoid corners being cut. If surprises do come up during construction, they are minimised and solved relatively easily and sooner avoiding delay in the overall duration of the project.

The client will have a single point of contact for all communication on the project, making their own life much easier and hassle free.

We believe in getting our hands dirty in order to deliver a project on time, within budget and to the right standard. In the past this has translated to cutting worktops, sweeping rooms and removing scaffolding!

Read more about our one stop approach in this guide.

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