Guernsey Tennis Club

The world’s fastest growing sport is now in Guernsey! We are excited to have been involved with this new development at the Guernsey Tennis Club which has seen the inclusion of three new padel courts.

The sport was invented in Acapulco, Mexico by Enrique Corcuera in 1969. He wanted to install a tennis court in his home in Mexico but did not have enough room, he therefore invented a smaller tennis facility which saw the birth of padel. The sport really took off more than 15 years ago when it reached the shores of Spain and the sport today is reported to be more popular than tennis.

In recent years, British padel has developed and there are a serious number of indoor and outdoor courts across the UK. Last year our friends in Jersey developed two new external padel courts in St Clements.

The courts are now fully operational at the Guernsey Tennis Centre.  Henri Leconte Padel (HLP) fitted the courts during October 2017 so a game of Padel can now be enjoyed.

The next stage will be to erect the canopy so that the game can be played whatever the weather.

We have put together a few snippets of the game in action.