PEH Lighthouse Wards

The Lighthouse Wards within the Princess Elizabeth Hospital are three identical buildings located adjacent to La rue de la Corbinerie. The buildings had been formed with an interlocking clay tile roof covering which was requiring internal repair due to rainwater ingress. The roof coverings needed replacement with a low maintenance alternative. We were asked to come up with a design for the re-roofing works and we opted for a more modern, low maintenance roof covering in the form of Standing Seam Zinc. Upon the completion of the design we tendered the project using traditional methods and local contractor Sarnian Roofing Ltd were appointed to complete the re-roofing project of the three 1300m2 roofs. The middle of the three wards, Fouguere, was identified as being suitable for a series of Photovoltaic or PV panels to generate electricity for the building. The project has effectively improved the weatherproofing of the structures while incorporating the added benefit of ‘Free Electricity’ to meet the client’s needs.