Surprisingly Simple Storage Solutions

Say goodbye to clutter without parting ways

You can de-cobweb and declutter your home until your heart is content but there will still be those items floating around that are destined to be homeless; the stack of books piled on an end table because the bookshelf is full, the bulky winter coats that won’t fit in your wardrobe or the trinkets you have picked up on travels that just don’t belong anywhere.

With a little bit of thought and very little effort you can add huge amounts of storage to your home without compromising your current space. For some inspiration we have put together 5 ideas that you can pull together in a weekend – say goodbye to your clutter without parting ways.

1. “Install a Window Seat”

Utilise the dead space below a window by installing a simple bench and seat with hidden storage space below. Fill it with books to create a cosy reading nook, stash the kids toys out of sight or give your coats a home in the summer months.

Not the handy type? Then recruit a friend who is (and who preferably comes with their own tools) and ask them to piece together a simple frame and hinged lid construction whilst you keep their coffee cup full. Find some foam for the seat and cover with an old sheet – you know, the ones that everyone has lying around in their cupboards that never get used anymore but for some reason cannot bring themselves to throw out.

2. “Use Your Walls”

It is all too easy to focus on your floor space, or lack thereof, and get frustrated with your limited storage space. Take a moment to look at your walls – could shelves be built along the top perimeter of your room? Could you install a column of corner shelves? Is there a blank space on a wall that would benefit from a shelf or two? If the answer to any of these is yes and you are struggling for space, don’t hesitate in getting them up. Be careful not to overload the shelves with clutter – a few books, DVD’s or ornamental trinkets should be enough.












3. “Raise Your Bed”

This is a great idea if you have a lot of height in your room but struggle for floor space. By raising your bed up on a platform you can get creative with the additional space this creates; raise a few inches and install drawers or cupboards below – raise higher and build enclosed or open wardrobe spaces, make cosy lounge areas or build a desk to create a dedicated office area.

Not only is this a great way to utilise the space you have, you will feel the psychological benefits from separating your spaces – play, live and sleep.

If you aren’t skilled in woodwork, avoid tackling this solo unless you are after a big project. Ask a handy friend to help out or come and see us – we can plan, design and construct a solution to ideally suit your space and needs.












4. “Cupboard, cupboards and cupboards!”

Don’t underestimate the power of a cupboard – you can install one virtually anywhere, make them obvious or disguise them and they keep your private things private, which is always nice.

Take a look at each room in your home and think about where they can be installed to keep your clutter away from prying eyes. How about the dead space behind your bathtub, the voids behind doors, the space along the perimeter of a room or the dark, cobwebbed space below the stairs? Once you start looking you will be surprised by how many places you can build them into.

5. “Over The Door”

Installing rails to the back of a door is one of the simplest and speediest ways to give yourself some more storage without doing much in the way of DIY. Hang clothes, shoes, bags, small coats, scarves, towels, jewellery, gloves (or just about anything!) out of the way. Alternatively pick up some wire baskets in different shapes and sizes and secure to the door as a means of storing more solid items, like tins, wrapping paper, craft items, dishes and cosmetics.

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