Spruce Up For Spring

We all start to feel more positive as the spring approaches. It is the season of hope, with a transformation from darkness to light, cold to warmth and grey to colour.

What better time to introduce some cleaning up of our homes and gardens. Here are some ideas to help you ‘spruce up for spring’.

1. Declutter and reorganise cupboards and drawers

Simply having a clear out or reorganising a cupboard can make you feel better and it won’t cost you a penny. Box it up, sell it or donate it.

2. Swap heavy throws and pillows

Lighten up any room by swapping heavy fabrics for light and airy ones. Say goodbye to that dark throw and hello to a bright colour or a floral pattern.

3. Rearrange and refresh furniture

Give natural wood a new lease of life with furniture wax or polish or a coat of pain. Rearranging the furniture can give any room a fresh look for spring.

4. Go Green, or buy colourful blooms

Whether you grow plants, have a windowsill herb garden, or just arrange a few fresh cut flowers, adding a bit of green or some colourful blooms to your home is a quick way to spruce things up.

5. Clean and open windows

There is nothing better than opening the windows and letting in the fresh air on a crisp spring day. Clean your windows inside and outside to frame all that springtime green.

6. Recycle, refurbish and repaint

Adding a splash of paint to the walls or a coat to that weathered shed is a quick way to freshen up that look. Reusing items such as old furniture, frames and artwork, can save you some money and you will be doing your bit to save the planet!

7. Clean it up

Get the family out in the garden for a few hours, sweep the leaves and pull up the weeds, it will be a quick and easy pick me up for the whole family.


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