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The ability to create something is within all of us, although the desire to create something incredible is within few. So what is the key to creating something incredible? How do we create something special that stands out? Is there a simple answer?

To create something incredible you need something different! That is not true. In fact I would say you need a rule to follow, otherwise it could become too random or worse; meaningless! You can create random designs using rules, techniques or an order and create something amazing from absolutely nothing. I do believe that no matter how random the creation, it does need some form of rule or order to justify the creation itself.

So what rule should you apply? Simple, pick your favourite, explore the options and push the boundaries. I am inspired by a single rule that comes from the very creation of our universe, a natural design rule that’s referred to as ‘the divine ratio’ and presented as a single number – 1.618.

‘Phi’ is a mathematical ratio which appears in nature, from the tail of a sea horse to parts of the human body. Galaxies, planets, animals and plants are created in the form of ‘Phi’, The ratio is literally found everywhere in nature and at the very core of natural creation which to me shows the true wonder of creation and why it keeps inspiring us.

Did you know that the distance from your toes to your belly button is 1.618 times longer than your belly button to the top of your head? That one segment of a seashell is 1.618 times larger than the next?

If you don’t believe me take a look at one of my favorite pieces of Da Vinci’s work – The Vitruvian Man. A rather cheap print of this incredible design hangs proudly in my office at work and each day this is a simple reminder of an incredible creation, a true masterpiece!

I like to think of Phi as the very fabric of creation; can it all come down to a simple number? So if you want to be a ‘creative’ person, why not take your inspiration from nature and apply the divine ratio.


Produced By;

Gary Naftel BSc(Hons) MCIArb MRICS
Chartered Surveyor

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